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Ikariam team

  • Karl333666 -

    Velkommen i teamet ;)

  • rare -


  • Karl333666 -

    I was here...
    Congrat's ;)

  • Kqyt20 -

    grattis med dagen

  • Kqyt20 -

    can I have a gum please??? You always got one...

  • Eudaimonia -

    steike, dere var jo her før jeg var her xD

  • monkle -

    I was here :funny:D

    MVH din :hero:D

  • burn -

    Tørrfisk var her

  • Mr Donkey -


    jeg var også her :liar:

    Mr Donkey:pigvin:D

  • Infinity -


    Jeg var her ;)