Change in shop and pricing system

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    Ikariam team

    • Change in shop and pricing system

      Dear players,

      with the opening of new servers in some communities today those new servers as well as the public test server will be outfitted with a new shop and pricing system.
      These changes will then, in due course, be rolled out to all Ikariam servers as usual with new versions, after the testing phase.
      You'll notice that some prices will change. Some things will become more expensive while others will become cheaper, some even considerably so.
      We're aware that this brings along some major change in parts, however, we think and feel that these changes improve the convenience of our shop and make some things a lot fairer. Also we will keep some of these changes under very close observation and, if neccessary, adapt to the changed situation.

      If you wish to check these changes out before they reach your servers you can do so on the public test server.

      Your Ikariam Team
    • Kjære spillere

      Med åpning av nye servere for noen samfunn idag, har de serverne i tillegg til testserver fått en ny shop og prissystem. Disse endringene vil senere rulles ut på alle Ikariam servere, etter testfasen.

      Du vil legge merke til at noen priser vil endre seg. Noe blir dyrere, mens andre ting blir billigere. Noen ting markant billigere.

      Vi er klar over at dette fører til sto endringer, men vi tror og føler at disse endringene vil gjøre shoppen bedre og lettere tilgjengelig. Endel ting vil bli mer rettferdig og.

      Endringene følges nøye og vil om nødvendig bli tilpasset den nye situasjonen.

      Dersom du vil se disse endringene før de går live kan du se på testserver.

      Ditt Ikariam Team