Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG

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    Ikariam team

    • Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG

      Help us change Ikariam!

      Hi guys,

      You probably like Ikariam, don’t you? Or maybe you used to but now you think that GF makes that game worse and worse – no big updates, improper policy, negligence and so on and so forth. Then you should definitely read that message. Your attention is really important for us!

      We want some changes in this game to be made. We have listed some of the best ideas ranging from trivial to crucial. And here it is, the list of 23 postulates also known as “Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG”.

      Main topic (EN) /*temporarily blocked, sorry*/: board.en.ikariam.gameforge.com…tter-to-the-Gameforge-AG/
      Secondary topic (DE): board.de.ikariam.gameforge.com…tter-to-the-Gameforge-AG/

      How can you help us? It is very easy. There are several ways of doing so. If you find this initiative as important as we do, then feel free to be a part of the revolution.
      • Forward this message to your friends, allies, foes, neighbors, whoever – just let it go viral.
      • Reply one of the topics above.
      • View one of the topics above several times – 5, 10, 25, 50, maybe even more; simply: the more views, the better.
      • Find this idea at the Stomt platform and react.
      • Spread some noise about ideas mentioned here, whichever way you choose to do so.

      Interested? Great!
      Let’s make it the beginning of some significant changes!


      ETIT: Unfortunately, the topic at EN is temporarily blocked (few minutes after publishing). I hope it will be opened soon. Luckily topic at DE is still avalaible for everyone.