Form of Government

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Ikariam team

  • Form of Government

    I would like to report a translation error.
    Here are the most important points:

    I would think that since this is a report of a pretty big part of the game, that aren't translated, I may post just one post about it, and don't have to divide it into 9-10 different reports.
    • Screenshot:

    • (Game version):

    v 0.5.11
    • Point in the game where it appears:

    Every article i.e that have something to do with the forms of government are not translated into norwegian, and are written in english.
    • What exactly should be changed:

    The text should be translated into norwegian. I may help, if needed, but it doesn't seem that people want assistance, even though I've reported this to the norwegian team earlier, without any sign of them wanting to do anything about the problem.
    Kind regards

    Tidligere kjent som GameOver201